About choelscher


With this website I hope to educate and collaborate with like-minded artists online as I explore new techniques and materials. Interest has been expressed regarding my processes, so I thought this might also be a destination which I could point to to answer, “How did you do that?”. I look at this as an opportunity to share my knowledge with artists who can afford to try these new techniques as I have often ventured into areas that are cost prohibitive to do with my own students in the public school classroom. I can show them and share my ventures, but unfortunately, can’t afford the materials necessary to have them try these more experimental techniques.


I received my degree in Art and Education in 1999. I am a National Board certified art teacher and have been teaching art at the high school level in North Carolina for 14 years. My art is exhibited regularly through the local Arts Council and Advocates for the Arts Organization.

My art has evolved and reinvented itself year after year as my interests in various media have ebbed and flowed. Despite the constant change in approach and media, I vacillate between the abstract and the human figure/portraiture as my favorite subject matter.

I embrace the catharsis of the process and worry less about the product, as shown in my nonrepresentational work. My nine painstakingly complex volumes of visual journals reflect my eclectic, ever-evolving approaches to art.