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Advanced Acrylic Pouring Q & A – Video Chat

Q & A Chat

If you didn’t catch my first Q & A post, you can find it here.
The TOP TEN Most Frequently Asked Questions About Acrylic Pouring

I wrote that post back in December but continued to get a lot of the same questions in the comments of my YouTube videos, so I made a video. It is more fun to get info sitting across the table, like a conversation.

I cover a lot of the same topics but some new ones as well.

Q&A Topics: (I’ve kept the time stamps in case you want to jump right in to a topic)

Do I coat my paintings with varnish? 2:13
What is my pigment and medium recipe? 2:35
Why I do and don’t use resin? 3:50
What is the spray and material I am swiping with? 5:12
Why don’t I use silicone? 5:55
Why am I so loyal to GOLDEN Artist Colors brand paints? 6:33
Where do I get frames? 10:16
How do I sell art? 14:56
Where can you buy my art? 16:34
Do you have to flood the canvas with wet paint first? 19:37
How much to mix for each size canvas? 20:48
How to work with Color Theory? 21:50

If you’d like to watch the full video, click the thumbnail below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

What other burning questions do you have regarding acrylic pouring, visual journaling, teaching high school art etc.? Let me know in the comments below!

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