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There is no such thing as a “GHOST SWIPE”!

Happy Friday, y’all! Don’t forget to check out my new video blog channel called, “Art Teacher Says What?” where I’ll highlight the daily goings on in my art room Monday through Friday along with some funny stories that inevitably happen along the way.  Something has been weighing on me pretty heavily so, I’d like to share my thoughts on plagiarism and ownership in the art world, in light of some recent events. So… humor me. […]

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Advanced Acrylic Pouring Q & A – Video Chat

If you didn’t catch my first Q & A post, you can find it here. The TOP TEN Most Frequently Asked Questions About Acrylic Pouring I wrote that post back in December but continued to get a lot of the same questions in the comments of my YouTube videos, so I made a video. It is more fun to get info sitting across the table, like a conversation. I cover a lot of the same […]

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I Painted a Bear for our City Art Project – Bearfootin’ Artwalk

In my lovely town of Western North Carolina, as in a growing number of cities across the country, we have an annual city art project involving hand-painted fiberglass animal statues. Ours is called “Bearfootin’ Art Walk”. I have assisted students in painting 6 bears over the past decade but never had the opportunity to paint one myself, until this year. The bears are sponsored by local businesses and organizations, footing the initial cost of the […]

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Exhibit Opening This Friday!

It’s time for the annual art teachers’ exhibit sponsored by the Arts Council of Henderson County. This is the first of four annual shows I participate in here in Western North Carolina from early spring to late summer each year. Our local arts council is gracious enough to host a three part exhibition series showcasing the art of our school systems students AND its teachers! Here is a preview of what I’ll have on exhibit […]

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Visual Journaling: A Different Kind of Sketchbook

On October 28, 2005, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop hosted by the “Journal Fodder Junkies,” Eric Scott and David Modler. It literally changed my life. I had never heard of visual journaling, but it was love at first sight. Since that day, I have consistently kept a visual journal. I am currently working on my 11th volume but have also produced two collaborative journals, which I lovingly refer to as the “Tiny […]

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The TOP TEN Most Frequently Asked Questions About Acrylic Pouring

I collected the most common questions from my YouTube channel in one place. Hopefully this will help answer some questions about acrylic pour painting you were also wondering about, or hadn’t thought to ask. 1. You don’t use silicone?! Then how do you get cells? Do you use a torch? The short answer is I use Flood Floetrol and a solid recipe with good quality ingredients. This is all you need for cell formation. I […]

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Color Theory Part 2 – Making Reference Charts for Mixing

If you are new to color mixing, especially the concept of Color Bias in pigments, you should read my previous post, “Basic Color Theory – Why its’ not that simple with paint” first. I’m prepping and doing color studies and comps for a shift towards abstract landscapes, researching techniques and materials needed, reading up on and reviewing some compositional theory. I bought some more heavy bodied paints, as the fluid line of GOLDEN paints that I […]

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Watch Artists in Action at the Henderson County Open Studio Tour

 I love my artist friends. We had a great time together this past weekend at the Henderson County Open Studio Tour 2018. We kept each other entertained, shared ideas, made future plans and sold some art! We are a diverse group of four who exhibited out of my friend Meghan Bernard’s pottery studio. Kate Sea Barrett – Pen & Ink and Scratch-board Illustrator Meghan Bernard – Thrown Porcelain Functional Pottery Courtney Hoelscher – Abstract Painter […]

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Visit me at the 2018 Open Studio Tour – September 22-23

I’ll be participating in the 8th annual Open Studio Tour this year. Our county hosts one of the largest such events in the Carolinas. My dear friend, Meg, owner of Meghan Bernard Pottery, has invited a few of us local artists to share her awesome studio space during the tour. If you’re in the area, you should check it out. There will be demonstrations and refreshments! Where? Meg’s pottery studio: 2004 Old South Carolina Avenue, Hendersonville […]

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Basic Color Theory – Why its’ not that simple with paint.

I’ve had lots of compliments on my social media accounts and my youtube channel regarding the crisp clear color combinations in my paintings. First of all, thank you. Your appreciation means a lot. This appreciation got me thinking about my initial struggles with paint mixing and color. I have a strong background in art education and therefore was knowledgeable about basic color theory, but when I went to make a simple purple or green, it […]

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“But how MUCH paint do I need to mix up for an Acrylic Pour painting?”

Today I painted my first large scale acrylic pour. It got me thinking. There are plenty of people out there explaining their recipe, their brands, their procedure, but nobody really breaks down the sheer volume of paint you need for a given size painting.   I thought it’d be helpful if I did that here. This isn’t guaranteed to work for you. It’ll certainly depend on how messy you are, how much paint you waste […]

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Art as Catharsis – Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

I used to do yoga and meditate. I used to preach to other people about how helpful it was. I remember that once I was regularly meditating, I could return to a meditative state of mind effortlessly and immediately felt the benefits. I felt the stress flow away with every breath. I really should get back into the practice. Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda! I am too busy. I have read that if you are too busy to meditate, […]