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I’ve been a Busy Bee this Fall!


I think it’s time for an update on my busy fall! I’ve set aside textile art for now. School started back while several opportunities presented themselves that reminded me of my love for painting. The summer of indigo was a nice respite from abstract landscapes but I have a fresh vision. I’m ready to innovate!

tone study

School started off with a bang and I am loving my new classroom. We’re in the new building but the old building is still under renovation so some of my besties are teaching out of trailers for now. I am in my permanent home though. I love my new classroom. I have so much storage, nice concrete counter tops and gorgeous butcher block style tables on wheels. I’ve started decorating by hanging student art in the hallways, strung and hung the thousand cranes we folded last year to bless the new art room and the building with prosperity, peace and good fortune.

art room

The kids are happy to be back in the classroom and done with the hybrid learning model. It is so nice to have everyone in the room with me and not feel as if my attention is being pulled in two directions with some kids on line and others in the room. I always felt like I was dropping the ball and neglecting someone. Things are getting back to normal and it feels great. 

Sofia Jenna Hope Tyler






These students have blown me away with their amazing portrait projects this fall. They are eager and thirsty to interact and be challenged to progress past the stagnation of quarantine. I shared some of their work on Instagram, which, if you’re not following me on Instagram that’s really the best place to keep up with what’s going on. @choelscherart Or, you can see the latest posts in my feed on my website as well.

Another thing we’ve been involved in is a community beautification project in downtown Hendersonville. A handful of students and I were invited to help paint a mural on a sidewalk that runs two full city blocks in the arts district of Hendersonville. Ms. Elizabeth Queen had the grand vision for a “Beeline” Mural that is a meandering honeycomb grid that spotlights and celebrates the pollinators and the four seasons of floral blooms symbolizing the diversity of culture and age groups here in Western North Carolina. We’ve been working alongside one of my former students, Diamond Cash, who’s design was also chosen to be one of the sidewalk murals. 

We’ve been painting every Saturday morning in October. On the 13th of November there will be an all call to the public to come out and help finish by doing a paint by number approach to filling in the flowers. It is really special to have a public art work touched by so many hands from the community. My students and I were interviewed with our pictures in the paper and discussed how this isn’t just a beautification opportunity to be involved in, but has taught them the logistics of organizing such an event in the community. Elizabeth Queen has been gracious enough to get the girls involved in decision-making with the layout and look of things. It has empowered them to realize their art is valued in the community. It has given them an opportunity to prove they are not the typical stereotype of “kids these days”. These kids are responsible. They work hard and stay after hours. They have something to give to this community. They aren’t just the future leaders of this community. They ARE this community. It’s also been an opportunity to show that public education is more than statistics and test scores. We are really shaping, enriching and rewarding these young people.


Speaking of community beautification, we had the auction for the Bearfootin’ Downtown Hendersonville Bears a couple weeks ago as online auction due to covid hindering large gatherings. A ‘buy now’ price was set at $10,000 for these bears. Many were shocked that 3 of the Bears went for $10,000 the very first day! My bear was one of those that sold for 10k!!  There had been talk that Dry Falls Brewery would purchase my bear and it would become the bar’s mascot but apparently a couple from Florida purchased it out from under them. I was looking forward to seeing my bear at Dry Falls on a regular basis, but alas, I’m super excited that the Friends of Carl Sandburg organization will receive such a large sum for their fundraising efforts.


Finally the most exciting news…


Drum roll please…


 I have official Gallery representation here in Hendersonville! 

Art on 7th Fine Art Gallery will be opening its doors on November 12th. They will show abstract and contemporary artworks, photography, and also glass metal and wood sculpture.  The owner Julie Wilmot promises a true Fine Art Gallery experience with uncluttered white walls and little to no gift shop type nick-nacks. Artists represented will be Laurie Yeates Adams, Walter Arnold, Amy Casteel, Tebbe Davis, Diane Dean, Stephen Hackley, yours truly Courtney Hoelscher, Joe Hunnicutt, Jon Osborne, Lynn Padgett, Christopher Peterson, Yuri Tsuzuki, Simon Waranch, and also Julie Wilmot herself. 

The gallery is between Triskelion Brewery and Marco’s Pizza at 330 7th Avenue East in Downtown Hendersonville, North Carolina. You can call their phone number at 828-595-9232 for more information. They’ll be open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday noon to 4 p.m. They’ll be closed November 24th and Thanksgiving day. Otherwise come in and shop this holiday season at Hendersonville’s new Fine Art Gallery on 7th Avenue!  

I am so excited to finally have a place to regularly put out my new work, and have someone work towards marketing my work to a larger audience that is not just my social media following.

I’ll put out a new post soon with pictures of the gallery once it’s opened. and possibly some in progress shots of my newest paintings. 

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