_Volume 10- ’17-’18

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I felt that my efforts fizzled towards the end of this visual journal, but after looking back through each page, it still has a lot to offer. I did quite a lot of the work during the summer of 2017. Many of the intricate drawings are for my friend’s two bands. He commissioned me to work on the album art. That was a fun and lucrative experience! Towards the winter you will see my first foray into Acrylic Pouring. Many of the pages are just notes on recipes and paint combinations as I was still just trying to figure it out. I feel like this journal began to lack at this point, as not only was my art focus on the pouring (outside of this journal) but I began to suffer with a mysterious illness in March 2018 that I wasn’t able to Conquer til September of 2018. I didn’t feel good and so therefore couldn’t find motivation, inspiration or focus to make my art. Thankfully that is behind me.