_Volume 07 – ’14-’15

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This seventh visual journal is a turning away from the eastern religions and looking more towards metaphysical points of view. I was exploring ideas in meditation, sacred geometry, macrocosm vs microcosm, astrophysical plane, and the multiverse. I chose to try the grey toned ground paper this year. (Strathmore Toned Gray Art Journal) Also, I kept with the smaller book format. Every other year, since the beginning of this journey, I had alternated between big and small. As I have explained to my students, they both have their benefits and their drawbacks. I finally decided to quit committing to the big visual journals in hopes that it would encourage me to carry it it around more. I do believe this has helped. The big format is nice as it is a vast space for impactful imagery, but they are just so big. They wont even fit in my backpack. I did enjoy the grey toned ground too for it’s shift towards the mid-tone. Colors looked sharp but I still got to use my white gel pen a lot which was fun. The grey was just too cold though. I definitely preferred the warmth of the earthy brown toned paper.