_Volume 09 – ’16-’17

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The ninth volume of my visual art journal was an experiment to say the least. I had decided to start a “Bullet Journal” to help organize my life a bit better. It is a very user friendly system and the potential for customization and visual embellishment is endless. Just google it, or search for ideas on Pinterest. It is overwhelming. So, I decided, if I was adding ANOTHER book that I would carry around everywhere, I would do it right. I would buy a nice satchel that I could carry with my traveling art supplies. I would also buy a visual journal that was the same size and shape as my bullet journal, so they could both fit nicely together in my new satchel. It was fun to shop! I treated myself for my birthday. I bought the Leughtturm1917 A5 Hardcover Sketchbook and A5 Hardcover Dotted Notebook. It was a good plan. However, I had two young children who were always with me, so this became a way to entertain her in public. “Mommy can I draw in the book again?” It is a sweet book to look back on, a collaboration between me and my children. Also, it is clear insight into why I was not doing more art during this time.

choelscherart VJ 9 preview